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  Some time in the middle of high school i asked my mom for a camera and she left the room and came back with a Pentax K1000.  Little did i know that camera would change the way i look at everything.  I grew up using various point and click cameras, but i seem to remember being fond of the Kodak Disc cameras because of the crazy film cartridge, who remembers those?  But back to the K1000, at the time i had no idea how to use all the manual features and i ended up with many blurry pictures.  Once i discovered i wanted to use the fastest shutter and whatever number on the lens, i was better off.  It's still a technique i use today...  So for years i used this camera and learned important lessons about how my camera could see light way better than i could.   After much time and being a poor college student, i finally got a job and got to borrow work's Canon SLR and found out why these modern cameras were better over the old manuals, well, in some ways.
  Around the same time the digital age was coming on stronger and stronger, and even in college i was fond of those floppy disc cameras.  Again, work got a Sony F505 digi and i latched on and borrowed it whenever i could.  Say what you will about digital, but instant gratification can be better than the suspense of opening a packet of prints.  So with a job i bought my first digi, a Sony F707.  Fast forward and a lot of pictures later, i have ended up with a Nikon D70 which is one of the greatest investments i have ever made. 

  I could go on and on about photos, cameras, computers, but in the end, first and foremost, i like to take pictures that i like to look at over and over.  I hope you saw some pics that you thought were different and unique because that is the next best reason.